The interesting strokes of gongbi in combination with freehand depicts Avalokiteśvara sitting at leisure on the mountain rock. Avalokiteśvara wear red clothing painted with mineral-based pigments, which looks even brighter without being garish when brought out by the emerald bamboo in the surrounding. Avalokiteśvara has already achieved Buddhahood, and is named Tathāgata of Brightness of Correct Dharma. Due to the special fateful connection Avalokiteśvara has with the sentient being suffering in Sahā lokadhātu, she is always ready to step on lotuses and come save all sentient beings, to give them the treasure of peace and happiness. When Amitabha was on earth in the past as Cakravartin, Avalokiteśvara was prince Buxuan, and was named Avalokiteśvara upon becoming a monk. In the future Avalokiteśvara will achieve Buddhahood when Amitabha achieves pari-nirvāṇa, and shall be named Tathāgat of all good virtues.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colour on silk

94X56 cm

Creation Date

Accession Number
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