Avalokiteśvara in white is sitting on a putan atop a rock, mineral blue is smudged to create the bedrock and smaller rocks, symbolizing the immovable wisdom that is like Śūnyatā. Avalokiteśvara in white is depicted using very ethereal-feeling lines, creating a strong contrast with the rocks drawn with thick strokes and are roughly smudged. The color settings only uses faint malachite green to dye the cloth, gamboges and ocher to smudge the putan, supplemented by bowl decoration that uses a smattering of vermillion, creating contrast and harmony of the color tones. The laws of the world are illusions, and so are the sentient beings. It is just like the flowers in the mirror and moon in the water, all without substance. Just as the Vajra (Diamond) Sutra indicates: “all things contrived are like dreams, illusions, bubbles and shadows.” Understanding all Dharma (the sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and thoughts), and a real heart that have no wants within the body, is what all sattva possess.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colors on paper


Creation Date

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