The freedom of Avalokiteśvara as she sits on by the rock shore, Skanda who is behind her, hands together, holding onto the gadā vájra and emerges from the vase. Skanda is a Dharmapala of Buddhism, and is one of the eight generals of Virūḍhaka, known for his courage among the thirty-two generals of Four Heavenly Kings. It was said that when Avalokiteśvara traveled Mount Emei on a cloud, and was flying across Jialing River, she was the river was flowing rapidly and stopping the people from crossing. Avalokiteśvara created a bridge, and Skanda guarded and sustained her during the process. This Avalokiteśvara appears in women form, sitting on the rock by the river, head lowered to look at the river in thoughts. The amṛta from the purity vase manifests the Dharmapala Skanda, both of them saving, enlightening, guarding and sustaining sattva and sad-dharma.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colors on silk


Accession Number
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