Cloud after iridescent cloud rises beneath Avalokiteśvara’s feet while she wears a treasure crown, holding a willow branch to spray amṛta from the purity vase. The attendant ahead of the cloud is holding on to lotus incense burner paying for peace from war disasters. During Tang Dynasty, Avalokitesvara showed the body of Brahmā, holding Cintāmaṇi in hand, directly the quelling of the rebellion, and saving people from misery. Every part of the world is a Bodhimaṇḍas for Avalokitesvara to enlighten all of sattva (sentient beings). The main figure of Avalokitesvara in the center stands on lotus, rising as she rides the iridescent clouds. Using the unmoving light of wisdom and sprinkles the amṛta of great compassion on the sattva, and when one teaches Dharma, teach it as if one is in the role of the listener. The image of the entire painting is presented in a slanted triangle, creating a harmonious aesthetics between the dynamic and the static through the movements of the iridescent clouds and the characters against the cerulean background.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colors on paper


Accession Number
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