Avalokiteśvara and Sudhanakumâra

The picture of Avalokiteśvara and Sudhana is twenty-seventh work of the mahā-vaipulya-buddhâvataṃsaka-sūtra. Sudhana has already attained the light of the flaming net and body aura of wisdom, and is flying towards Avalokiteśvara, hands crossed, and requesting Dharmic guidance. Avalokiteśvara is holding a lotus in her left hand, and spraying amṛta from the purity vase with her right hand onto the body and feet of Sudhana. Sudhana immediately attains Avalokiteśvara’s compassionate way of enlightenment, and observes the seventh of the ten Pariṇāmanā of transferring religious merits to all sentient being. Xia Jing Shan emphasized the names of Avalokiteśvara, where one can attain Śūnyatā through realizing one’s Bhava, which is currently the world’s most convenient way of enlightenment. The structure of this paining is based on a complex background of curling and unfolding white clouds smudge with faint ink, contrasting the holiness of Avalokiteśvara and Sudhana drawn and colored using gongbi. The dynamics of the fire and water fusing with one another is the best presentation of the duality of compassion and wisdom.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

ink and colors on paper


Creation Date

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