Dragon King Worships Avalokiteśvara

In this work, the main figure of Avalokiteśvara has a green lotus under each foot, symbolizing wisdom that has attained śūnyatā and the rewards attained through great compassion, while both hands are crossed and she looks down upon all sentient beings. Nāga-kanya is holding a purity vase, coral and other treasures and Sudhana are at Avalokiteśvara’s sides, bowing at her. One of the nāga-rāja is offering up treasures, while various guardians and devas are standing to the sides, raising dhvajā and prayer flags to receive Dharmic blessings. The color settings of the green lotus is plain with a three-dimensional feel; the floating, moving robe and belt of Avalokiteśvara as she fly through the air create a harmonious beauty with the solemn respectfulness of the devas to the sides, while Nāga-kanya and Sudhana’s movements in attending to Avalokiteśvara inserts a fun and interesting feel by breaking this opposing balance. The waves and ripples of the ocean, the floating, ethereal layers of iridescent cloud, and the gorgeously colorful clothing further enrich the entire image.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

ink and colors on paper


Creation Date

Showcased at “Buddha’s Skull Relic Blessing. Ceremony,“Macau,2012. “Jing Shan Style: Xia Jing Shan Art and Award Exhibition”,2018.

Accession Number
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