Plum Blossoms, a Symbol of Spring

This image depicts Zhong Kui next to winter plum blossoms and ready to usher in spring. His is holding a sword in his right hand, and his left hand is gently placed on the blade. Standing underneath a plum blossom tree on a rocky hill, plum flowers are in full bloom in the last month of the lunar year. With all havoc and evil deeds taken care of, the image shows him waiting calmly for the arrival of spring. The lines used here to depict Zhong Kui project an antiquated appeal, and his eyes are looking back and he is smiling widely. His garment is illustrated with trembling lines and fluid brushstrokes that resemble drifting clouds and flowing water and is filled predominately with washes of ink. His black gauze official’s hat is opaquely colored, followed by his rugged and speckled boots, and with his robe fluttering with light shades of ink, the effect created is captivating and appealing. In addition to the vibrantly colored belt with jade embellishments, the rocks on the ground are covered with touches of emerald green, and pink speckles are seen leaping amidst the plum blossoms, with a wintery scene created with washes of color.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

ink and color on paper


Creation Date

題跋:寒梅迎春辛卯年冬月於京都八十七叟夏荊山題 印記:吉祥、楠竹居士、夏荊山、聖像妙法廣結善緣、荊山藏畫、夏氏聖像萬法

Accession Number
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