Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation



Founded by Painter/Calligraphy Maestro, Xia Jing Shan, on January 1st, 2014, the Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation is currently headed by Dr. Chung-Chieh Chao, CEO with prior NGO expertise. Philanthropic in nature, the Foundation operates as a non-profit organization and hosts a wide array of events from academic exchanges & researches, artistic activities & exhibitions to cultural & creative works submission. The goal is for the general public to have access to Chinese cultural grandiose and profoundly exquisite aesthetics embedded in Maestro Xia’s outstanding paintings and calligraphy arts. In the meantime, the Foundation is also devoted to blending art & culture and public causes: “Presenting art & culture as a public cause” and “Infusing public causes with art & culture”.




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