• Intercultural interpretation on Peace-making Marriage between Han and Hun
  • Published in Jing Shan Arts and Literature: International Academic Conference in June, 2017


Liu, Zhaoming

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Professor, School of Literature and Journalism, Shandong University of Finance and Economics

As a participant of Chinese ancient Peace -making Marriage between Han
and Hun, Wang Zhaojun was always given a very high historical position
by historians, also, she has tremendous influence in poetry, dramas and
novels in China. In contrast however, nobody knows who Wang Zhaojun is
in Turkey, and furthermore, she is known as the progeny of Hun and
herself and her retinue were considered as spies. In this paper, there are
three reasons that explains this phenomenon. The first is the cognitivebias from Turkish historians about the background of Peace -making
Marriage between Han and Hun. Second, Chinese writers overly
exaggerate the stor y of Wang Zhaojun. The last reason is the
misinterpretation on the Peace -making Marriage between different
cultures in China and Turkey.

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