The painting shows a hermit scholar, holding a scroll of scriptures in his left hand, right hand open to express his thought, and standing on a red lotus leaf floating on the vast ocean. The figure, lotus petal and the lines of the water is soft, flowing in a clean and fast manner, all seeming completed in one stroke. The colors setting of the mayflower gloryberry on the front of the the scholar’s robe and red lotus petal is thick but not garish, and the smudging of the sky and water with the same color reflects a scene of brightness when contrasted with the brightness of the light around his head and his white clothes. This implies chanting and reciting of the scriptures, seeking enlightments but finding it withint one’s own intrinsic nature, just like how free and serene it is to stand afloat on water, and there is no need to seek Dharma by travelling to the faraway Tientain Mountain.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colors on silk


Creation Date

Accession Number
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