Avalokiteśvara of great compassion makes a thousand responses to a thousand prayers, and will help people overcome samsara. The compassion of Avalokiteśvara is as great as the sea, helping all sattva to leave samsara of life and death and achieve ultimate joy. The degree of ease for sattva to observe the wondrous form of bodhisattva depends the degree of their sincerity. In particular, Avalokiteśvara often saves sattva in water disasters, where more than a few instances of suffers feeling her presence has been described. This Avalokiteśvara in white is on the rock by a shoal, sitting with her hands down, while the exposed layers of beach stones moves further and further away, giving a sense of expansive vastness. If a sentient being is troubled by water and is floating, sincerely reciting Avalokiteśvara will bring them to shallow waters.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

colors on paper


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