The Festival of Zhong Kui’s House Moving

Using the traditional long scroll format and the scattered point perspective technique, Xia Jing Shan painted this scene of Zhong Kui moving house. The focal point begins with Zhong Kui’s line of sight and extends to an interaction that shows the emotional bond he has with his sister that is sitting on the carriage in the back. They are accompanied by a parade consisting of minions in the form of ghosts and monsters, each playing a role and working with one another in this festive occasion, with a joyful celebratory ambiance highlighted. The composition of the painting is exceptionally ingenious, with exquisite and meticulous lines used on this scroll of 10 meters to illustrate the expression on each character. The humanized features depicted give the characters’ physical gestures a sense of livelily and storytelling quality. The simple and subdued color palette gives the painting a cohesive harmoniousness. This is truly one of Xia Jing Shan’s most iconic paintings in his Zhong Kui series.

Object Work Type

Xia Jing Shan

ink and color on silk


Creation Date

題跋:終南山進士 鍾馗喬遷吉慶圖 壬辰春月於京都慶霖云殿 八十八老人山東濰坊夏荊山燈下題 印記:丹青舍利、聖像妙法廣結善緣、荊山藏畫、吉祥、夏荊山印、楠竹居士、夏光樺印

Accession Number
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