Thesis on Taoist Tea from Wudang Mountains: Reexamining Taoist Tea Literature on Qianlin Tea Tree and Qianlin Tea from Wudang Mountains and Its Alchemic Traditions

Lai Shen-Chon

Dean of the Graduate Institute of Folk Arts and Cultural Heritage , National Taipei University

This paper opens with oral literature and myths and legends, which are referenced for the analysis on the Taoist tea culture practiced in the area of the Wudang Mountains. Specifically, the second chapter examines records on the Qianlin tea tree found in Taoist...

Exploring Xia Jing Shan’s Calligraphy Art

Chen Meng-Yi

PhD candidate, Department of Calligraphy and Painting Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts

Buddhist art is Xia Jing Shan’s lifelong mission, and his calligraphic works are also predominantly on Buddhist scriptures, insights he has attained on Buddhist studies, or cautionary words for people, and his efforts have become an energy that guides society towards...
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